Leading Tools in Healthcare Compliance Audits

15 March, 2024

Regulatory compliance is a vitally important function in healthcare. Organizations that maintain compliance ensure that patients and providers are safe, respected and treated fairly. There are many examples of regulatory compliance programs in the global and national healthcare sectors. In the United States, HIPAA guidelines protect and secure patient data …

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What Can You Do With a Master of Legal Studies Degree?

11 January, 2024

If you’re considering earning a Master of Legal Studies (MLS), then you undoubtedly have certain career goals in mind that you’re hoping the degree will help you achieve. Perhaps you regularly interact with lawyers as part of your job and would like to engage with them more effectively. Maybe you …

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Master of Legal Studies vs. Juris Doctor: Which is Right for You?

25 October, 2023

A Master of Legal Studies degree is well-suited for professionals that overlap with the legal field and often deal with laws and regulations in their day to day jobs. An MLS degree can unlock advancement opportunities, as well as opening doors to different careers. While the degree won’t allow someone …

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Is a Master of Legal Studies Worth It?

19 September, 2023

If you’re considering earning an Online Master of Legal Studies (MLS), you probably have one question in the back of your mind: Is an MLS worth it? Frankly put, that is one of the most common questions individuals who consider earning any advanced degree ask—of themselves, of their network, and …

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