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“I have this program to thank for helping me get to where I am today; a place where I am working for a company and proud to say I am part of it.”

Emily Terlizzi, MLS ’19

A Master of Legal Studies gives you the tools you need to either change or advance your career. Fields that utilize a Master of Legal Studies include human resources, healthcare, business and public policy.

According to PayScale, the average salary for an individual holding a Master of Legal Studies (MLS) degree is $60K (as of February 2020). Below are job titles and average salaries associated with a Master of Legal Studies degree.

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Master of Legal Studies Career Paths Salaries
Senior compliance assurance officer $92,670
Human resources (HR) director $88,221
Contracts manager $80,741
Intellectual property (IP) manager $71,513
Human resources manager $67,079

Sources: Glassdoor and PayScale
These salaries are based on national averages at the time of compiling, and do not reflect the salaries of Northeastern MLS graduates.

Master of Legal Studies Careers and Salary Information

Senior Compliance Assurance Officer

Senior compliance officers have an advanced understanding of safety and compliance requirements. They also make sure that regulations, laws and standards are followed by management and employees. In addition, the senior compliance officer handles compliance offenses, implements a compliance program and provides reports to management on any compliance issues.

Senior compliance assurance officer average salary: $92,670

Human Resources Director

Human resource (HR) directors perform many functions for a company. They take a leadership role in staffing/recruiting, developing budgets and business planning. HR directors are often in charge of employee benefits, training and development, and compensation. In addition, HR directors make sure that company initiatives align with the company goals.

Human resources director average salary: $88,221

Contracts Manager

Contracts managers are the bridge between businesses and clients for anything contract-related. Contracts managers draft, execute and evaluate contracts, often working with financial and legal departments of companies. They also facilitate contract amendments, contract renewals and contract terminations. Contracts managers also keep records for the contracts, handling fees and correspondence.

Contracts manager average salary: $80,741

Intellectual Property (IP) Manager

Intellectual property (IP) managers work primarily with intellectual property assets. The responsibilities of an IP manager include protecting your employer’s or company’s patents, and investigating any patent infringements that might take place. In addition, IP managers are often in charge of updating company policies in regards to intellectual property.

Intellectual property (IP) manager average salary: $71,513

Human Resources Manager

Human resources managers are responsible for overseeing procedures and policies regarding employees at a company or organization. They oversee employee benefits and initiatives, including sick time and vacation leave, health insurance, open enrollment and maternity leave. The human resources manager also ensures that the workplace accommodates all its employees. In addition, they handle complaints, offer training, and work with a team of other human resources employees.

Human resources manager average salary: $67,079

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