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What is the difference between a paralegal degree, a Juris Doctor (JD) and a Master of Legal Studies?

A paralegal degree will prepare you for subsidiary legal work to assist lawyers. A JD qualifies you to serve as a lawyer, represent clients and advocate for their interests.

Northeastern’s online Master of Legal Studies was created for non-lawyer professionals who work (or aspire to work) in highly-regulated industries in which knowledge of the law would be of great value to employers and further career advancement for the professionals themselves.

How long is the Master of Legal Studies program?

Part-time students can complete the Master of Legal Studies over five semesters (fewer than two years). Students may also petition to accelerate their studies.

How much does the Master of Legal Studies cost?

Tuition and fees are set on an annual basis by Northeastern University’s board of trustees. The current cost of this program for the 2023-2024 academic year is $1,132 per semester hour, or $33,960. Please connect with your admissions counselor for more information.

What is the size and structure of the Master of Legal Studies courses? How do I interact with instructors?

Our Master of Legal Studies is offered in a 100% online format to accommodate working professionals. Students have the opportunity to interact with faculty and their peers in a variety of ways. Our online courses create a flexible learning environment, where students drive the interaction that they have with faculty and peers.

What do people do with this degree? What kinds of outcomes can I expect after earning a Master of Legal Studies?

After completing Northeastern’s Master of Legal Studies, you will understand general legal concepts as well as laws related to your specific industry. You will have had the opportunity to gain communication and negotiation skills, helping you to work more efficiently with lawyers and giving you the capacity to understand, analyze and interpret legal concepts.

The Master of Legal Studies can expose you to the tools necessary to help influence your field, and also help promote your company’s goals more efficiently and effectively.

Is this an appropriate degree for a paralegal?

We have had paralegals complete our degree program in order to further their career goals. For example, a paralegal may choose to earn an MLS as a stepping stone for greater leadership within their organization. This program does not lead to paralegal certification.

What kinds of support and services are available to Master of Legal Studies students?

Every Master of Legal Studies student has access to a career coach. The career coach works with MLS students to create a Career Action Plan to help students achieve their own professional goals and to support them in their career exploration and job search processes. Master of Legal Studies students also have access to career workshops and tools especially designed for distance learners and graduate students, helping MLS students become networked for life!

Are Master of Legal Studies students eligible for financial aid or scholarships?

Our Double Husky Scholarship program provides all graduates with a bachelor’s degree from Northeastern a 25% tuition discount. The School of Law offers a limited number of Dean’s Scholarships to highly qualified students. Some students may also be available for federal financial aid or veterans benefits. Prospective students should contact your admissions counselor for more information. Admitted and enrolled students, please contact

Do you have any programs available for veterans or members of the military?

Northeastern is proud of its long history of serving and educating active duty service members and veterans. For more information about how we can help serve you through the Yellow Ribbon Program, the Post-9/11 G.I. Bill and more, please see the Student Financial Services website or our Military website.

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